Greenway Health

Greenway Health & GSG Compliance Partnership

"leave nothing to chance"

Thank you for interest in GSG Compliance, we look forward to talking with you and finding out more about your compliance needs and questions.

You have put your trust in Greenway Health, now you can trust their partner for HIPAA and Meaningful Use Compliance - GSG Compliance

GSG has helped many Greenway Health clients all over the country, and put them in the best defendable position for audits and MU attestation.  Many practices have made attempts to perform Security Risk Assessments on their own or tried write their own Information Security Policies.  Both can be challenging and time consuming steps for an Office Manager or Compliance Officers to experience.  

What GSG delivers to a medical practice is confidence that the compliance work we completed together is correct, and that they have an expert partner to rely on in GSG Compliance.  

Whether you have tried it on your own, OR have done nothing at all, GSG can “hand-hold “ through the process, and give you confidence you have done everything correctly.  Check out the resumes of our compliance team, and see for yourself who’s got your back!

Please feel free to look throughout the GSG Compliance website, and we will be reaching out to you shortly.